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Company Profile

Dai Kyoung Chemical Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer which concentrate on the field of an adhesive tape for surface protection from the establishment until today, Our company produces a surface protective adhesive tape with the materials of PVC, PET, PE and especially developed an Eco-friendly water-based tape and supply to the companies inside and outside of Korea.

We have supplied the surface protective tape which meets the need of demand stably on the right time by improving the technology and the production environment through the consistent research development We will recognize the importance of human environment and will become the company which gives a deep impression to customers with the product of eco-friendly material by winning customers confidence in the 21st century of a new transition.

Our company will promise to produce and supply the best product with the accumulated know-how and a creative technology and we will do our best to give a technical advice and support that you need for using the surface protective tape.
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